Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Affiliate Commissions?
  • Subscribe as an Affiliate for FREE to start earning commissions on personal sales
  • Subscribe or upgrade ONE Personal Customer or Affiliate to ANY Paid Plan
  • Upgrade to Associate or VIP by selling a qualifying amount of products (see Affiliate Commission Plan)
  • Earn 10% commission on up to 6 levels of Customers and Affiliates (Conditions apply)
  • Pay any service subscriptions from the money you have earned (when it exceeds your subscription value)
  • Grow your SupaClix income from your global marketing and team building efforts
  • There is nothing to stock or purchase to resell
  • Your Sales Funnels and Marketplace Pages do all the presenting and selling for you
  • Earn monthly passive income from sales generated by you and your affiliate team
  • There is no restriction as to how many sales you can make
  • There is no restriction as to how many Affiliates you can register
  • There is no restriction as to how much commission you can earn
  • Earn additional income from one-off sales of Low, Medium and High Ticket Partner Products
What Products and Services does SupaClix market?

Business Automation

SupaClix has a suite of professional products and services to automate your online marketing & business processes and maximize financial returns

Integrated System

ONE integrated platform that will infinitely scale as your business grows.

Lead Capture & Conversion

Build a huge list of prospects in days or weeks, not months or years. Then let the system convert them into recurring, passive income!

Instant Marketing Funnels

Instantly available template-driven Capture (Landing/Squeeze) Pages with integrated Email Campaign Autoresponders. Choose the one that suits your target market. Unlimited possibilites.

Custom Managed WordPress Websites

Our Managed Wordpress websites allow you (or us) to custom build your brand the way YOU want it. You get peace of mind with rock-solid hosting, simple dashboard control and daily backups.

Lead & Customer Management

Everything you need in ONE Integrated Business Management Suite. CRM, Email & Social Campaigns, Accounts, Reports and more.

Product & Business Coaching

Choose individual products or services or select from super-value bundles. Start for FREE then simply upgrade when you need more capacity or features. And no contracts!

Affiliate Partner Programs

We provide world's best products and services. But if it is not what you need, we will gladly refund or replace. We want happy cutomers who will tell others how good we are.

Passive Income Generation

We provide world's best products and services. But if it is not what you need, we will gladly refund or replace. We want happy cutomers who will tell others how good we are.

Which countries can I purchase and market SupaClix products and services?

Almost Everywhere!

You can purchase SupaClix products and sell them in almost every country of the world (with only a few usual exceptions like Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc). If you happen to be on a suspect country then attempt to join SupaClix for FREE and you will be asked for your country. If it fails then you are not eligible. If it passes, then continue with registration and join us.

How do I Instantly Qualify as a SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM Affiliate?

Make Money While You Sleep

Affiliate Qualification

  • Your Combined Annual Sales (to others) and Purchases (for yourself) will qualify you for each Affiliate Rank.
  • There is NO requirement to purchase or sell anything, however you cannot earn any commission if nothing gets sold.
  • YOU MUST make at least ONE sale to start earning ANY commission (can be a personal purchase)
  • You do not earn commissions on your own purchases. 

Building a SupaClix business is NOT about you making all the sales. It is a BALANCE between everyone doing a little each and then REPLICATING the formula many times over. We set the affiliate sales threshholds to very low numbers so more people can earn higher incomes earlier. 

  • Example: Sell (or purchase) a $30/mth service (eg, Instant Funnel PRO)This will take you 10 months to qualify as SILVER. 
  • Or: Sell (or purchase) a $300/yr service (eg, Website PRO Annual)You will instantly qualify as SILVER.
  • Better: Sell a $300/yr service every month (eg, Instant Funnel PRO)You will qualify as SILVER in your first month, GOLD in your second month, and a fully qualified PLATINUM Affiliate in 3 months!
  • Best: Sell (or purchase) a Supa Bundle PREMIUM Annual ($900/yr) you will immediately qualify as a PLATINUM Affiliate, earning you up instantly to 6 levels of Affiliate Commissions!

Ranks & Sales Commission

QUALIFICATION Sales Value (SV) SELL (or Purchase) Examples
SILVER AUD $300 1 x Supa Bundle PRO Annual
or 10 x Website PRO Monthly
GOLD AUD $600 1 x Supa Bundle PLUS Annual
or 10 x Website PLUS Monthly
PLATINUM AUD $900 1 x Supa Bundle PREMIUM Annual
or 10 x Website PREMIUM Monthly

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