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Work Less. Earn More.

SupaClix Funnel Marketing System is unique in the world. Built for Direct, Affiliate & Network Marketers and perfect for individuals and small business.

When you automate your online marketing efforts, you will reduce your time, effort and money thereby maximizing your financial gains.

Build a huge list of prospects in days or weeks, not months or years. Then let the system convert them into recurring, passive income!

SupaClix helps you make money faster and gives you more time to do things you enjoy, like traveling, helping others or spending time with friends and family.

Systems like SupaClix used to cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month. NOW you can get SupaClix for only a few dollars per month... with no contracts!

There's even a FREE version to try out the system. Simply upgrade when you need more capacity or become a qualified affiliate and earn an income!

SupaClix Funnel

What is Funnel Marketing?

A Marketing funnel is "...a model describing the various stages of a prospect’s journey from the first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal: Conversion." (unbounce)

A prospect (often called a 'lead') is someone who MAY be interested in your product or service. The job of the sales funnel is to convert them into a paying customer.

We use a physical funnel to pour liquids into a narrow mouthed vessel. In a sales funnel you are effectively pouring leads into the wide mouth and 'funneling' them towards the 'spout' (your desired outcome).

SupaClix business systems and processes are designed to reduce costs and effort by increasing sales to these customers.

The next phase is to convert them into Associates, Affiliates, Advocates, Champions and Partners, thereby earning more profit per customer.

Capture Pages

Targeted Capture Pages

A Capture Page is typically the first point of contact for your lead. This is often also referred to as a Landing Page (where they land on your website) or Squeeze Page (squeeze them into a desired path)

A website 'Capture Page' is essentially an internet 'billboard'. It is not supposed to tell you everything. Just get your attention and motivate you to take the next step.

A typical capture page has a short video or brief information (like a billboard) to get your prospect’s attention (attract).

If they show interest they then provide their name and contact details in a simple form.

Upon submission of the form they are directed to further information.

As the owner of the site, YOU immediately get their contact details sent to you by email so you can call, txt, msg or email them as you wish.


Email Autoresponders

After the form submission the prospect also gets a welcome email with information about what they subscribed to. They are also added to an automated sequence of emails, called an Autoresponder.

The autoresponder is programmed to routinely send an email on your behalf, explaining more about your product or business and gently asking them to do something (like visit another site, read a review, purchase your product or subscribe to your service).

Every capture page has its own linked Autoresponder sequence to keep your prospect aware, awake or informed of the story you are telling.

Of course they can remove themselves (unsubscribe) from your email list at any time with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

SupaClix Funnel

Track Your Contacts

You are always assured of the best possible results because the email content is written by professional copywriters and successful online marketers with years of experience.

The integrated Contact Manager is connected to the Email Campaign Manager so you will always know how you acquired your prospect and their current status.

SupaClix also presents your contact profile and connects to your social media so your prospect is always just a click or tap away from you.

SupaClix Funnel

Target Your Ideal Audience

Choose from a wide selection of capture pages to suit your target market. (Examples)

SupaClix pages are mobile friendly (responsive), displaying beautifully on all screen sizes on PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones.

Use whichever capture page(s) you think will appeal to your target audience. We are continually adding more to target specific markets and demographics.

SupaClix Funnel

One Account. Multiple Opportunities.

Do you market more than one business opportunity or company but don’t want the hassle of subscribing to multiple systems and platforms?

With SupaClix you only need ONE account to support multiple business opportunities and projects.

Every opportunity has its own set of capture pages and campaign emails, talking to your personal Campaign Manager and Contact Manager.

The leads you generate are yours to keep and you will always know how you acquired them and their current status.

You can also export your leads to other systems for custom applications.

SupaClix Funnel

Money Making Magic!

Generate leads and make an income at the same time by simply promoting the SupaClix System.

Why not make selling SupaClix programs your primary income source? (check our highly profitable affiliate program)

Or use SupaClix as a bridge funnel to a multitude of business opportunities, affiliate/network programs or product explainer pages.


Our automation gives you maximum results from minimum effort!

And like any good business you also get up to date training and mentoring to maximize your returns.

SupaClix will quickly pay for itself (and make you a heap of income), especially if all your team, affiliates, associates and partners use it as well.


SupaClix Funnel

White Label & Partner Programs

A white label system is where you specify the system setup (within certain parameters of course). All setup and operating prices are therefore NEGOTIABLE.

It all depends on what you want in YOUR system.

Services, options and plan pricing may vary according to the company you are promoting and the complexity of your system and support requirements.

We can even do a profit share or affiliate model if you so desire. Contact Us for more details.

SupaClix Funnel

Simple Subscriber Plans

Join for FREE to test the system. Use it for as long as you want without any cost.

Upgrade at any time to receive more services, get more capacity and functionality or to become an Affiliate.

You can also downgrade, suspend or cancel your account at at any time.

SupaClix Funnel

Instant Funnel

AUD $0/mth ($0/yr)

Basic but FREE!

  • SupaClix Affiliate Sales Funnel
  • Multiple Capture Pages
  • Sales/Info Pages
  • Automatic Email Campaigns
  • Earn from Marketplace Sales
  • Affiliate Profile Page
  • Smartphone & Tablet Friendly (Responsive)
  • Email Notification to Prospect
  • Real-Time User Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Training
  • Email & Ticket Support
  • Get even More with our Annual Bundle Plans

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SupaClix Funnel

Instant Funnel

AUD $30/mth ($300/yr)

Get Into Gear!

  • ALL SupaClix FREE Features
  • Target Specific Sales Funnels
  • More Capture/Sales/Info Pages
  • Partner Bridging Funnels
  • Automatic Email Campaigns
  • Additional Features
  • Earn from Marketplace Sales
  • Get Even More with our Annual Bundle Plans

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SupaClix Funnel

Instant Funnel

AUD $60/mth ($600/yr)

Crank It Up!

  • ALL SupaClix PRO Features
  • Complete Sales Funnels
  • Capture/Sales/Info Pages
  • Additional Email Campaigns
  • Even More Features
  • Earn from Marketplace Sales
  • Get Even More with our Annual Bundle Plans

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SupaClix Funnel

Instant Funnel

AUD $90/mth ($900/yr)

Top Results!

  • ALL SupaClix PLUS Features
  • ALL Sales Funnels
  • ALL Capture Pages
  • ALL Sales/Info Pages
  • ALL Email Campaigns
  • ALL Features
  • Earn from Marketplace Sales
  • PRO Support Included 
  • Get Even More with our Annual Bundle Plans

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