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Name: Glenn Bolton

Contact: Glenn Bolton

Phone: +61 414 652 366

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Founder, Developer, Coach

Glenn Bolton is a business coach, affiliate/network marketer & consultant and web developer & service provider with over 15 years of online and offline experience.

Glenn started his career as an electronics engineer who immediately recognized the power of the internet, while working as a support engineer at Microsoft in the 1990’s.

Teaching himself web design, before courses even existed, Glenn developed a passion for helping businesses, direct marketers and network marketers, how to transition to business on the internet.

Over the years Glenn has developed a swag of unique sales and marketing resources and automation systems to make life easier and more profitable.

These tools and technologies have been (and still are) used by literally thousands of marketers across the world.

Glenn says... "SupaClix is a culmination of my years of wins and losses, to bring you the ultimate business management suite, meeting the needs of affiliate & network marketers, startups, soho, SME and even some enterprise operations."

"What good is it to have a job or business that earns you a fortune if you cannot enjoy your life and be of benefit to society?"

Glenn’s personal motto for many years has been Health, Wealth & Lifestyle.

Explore - Dream - Discover (Mark Twain) 

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